Monday, October 30, 2006

I thought this deserved a post on it's own. Like Amelia and Christine I too know Debbie Bliss and this situation is disgraceful. I normally keep out of poo and choose not to comment on general news. However, this is a knitting blog and this relates directly to knitting, people who buy yarn and those who appreciate quality yarn. I've always thought of handknitting as fashions poor cousin, but you still get the b"^"*"*s who have to behave like divas. I'm too much of a lady to say anything else (apart from the fact that it has been said perfectly by Amelia and Christine!!). I will however print Debbie's open letter:

"As you may know there has been some malicious rumours circulating in the USA suggesting that my cashmerino qualities contain no cashmere at all. On hearing about the rumours my distributors in the UK, Designer Yarns , who buy the yarn from a leading Italian manufacturer immediately started extensive retesting of all my cashmerino ranges in the UK and Italy,including DNA`tests. All conclusively confirmed the presence of cashmere in these yarns.
As you can imagine this has been an immensely stressful situation for me, not only does it bring into question my own integrity but also that my distributors, and the manufacturer, all who have had many years of experience in the business .I am a small outfit, not a impersonal, large corporation, and I rely on the loyalty and fantastic dedication of a small group of knitters and pattern checkers to make my projects happen.The potential damage that these attacks could have hurt us all.
I cannot emphasis enough that the rumours are untrue. Meanwhile I take great comfort in knowing that there are fantastically supportive knitters and retailers out there."

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