Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pinwheel sweater

As you can see I'm working hard. I had to start a new project when I left my knitting project (Celtic) at my mums. It took me 4 days to retrieve the project. In that time, I started a pinwheel sweater. I just have the arms to do now.

Smoulder is also finally, taking shape. I blocked the pieces and have sewn up the seams. Now for the million ends!! I hear we are having a late warm week next week so I may, hope against hope, get to wear her.

I was sweating hard to make sure the pattern matched!!

Some serious blocking was needed, as you can see

Now I just need to finish something!!

Autumn stash

Having left my current knitting project at my mum's I found myself in need of some house knitting. The perfect time to look through my stash and begin a stash busting project. This is normally a project that is quick and easy - a kind of in-between project that gives my brain a rest from complex knitting

autumn stash
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and allows me to carry on knitting, rather than downing tools all together. It'sdefinitely quick and also addictive, don't seem to want to put it down. I want to get to the armholes - not sure why I'm so eager, I have to do a provisional cast on and I always seem to have huge problems trying to use this form of cast on. Here's hoping it will be plain sailing this time. I've found some very good video streams detailing the method.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


...... of sorts. I've given in to temptation and started a new project, even though the agreement I had with myself was to finish Smoulder and the curved edge cardigan before embarking on new projects.

I have sort of finished, they just need sewing up. In both cases I have to be in the mood to attempt such a fete. In the case of Smoulder because of its million trillion ends and the need to match up row for row. As for the pure silk curved edge cardigan, I have the longest border to sew on the outer edge of the whole cardigan. They are in a heap in a corner of the front room. I'm hoping to be in the 'mood' to tackle them so that I can give the curved edge to my mum, and I can wear Smoulder before it's too cold!!

My new WIP is Celtic from Rowan 40.

I've made some heavy modifications so far to make it mine. Hopefully they will work.

I'm also thinking of this for my winter hottie.

I'm having trouble with choosing the right yarn and colour. I seem to be gravitating toward blue this winter. I don't know anything about Briggs and Little Atlantic. I'm going to swatch with Rowan Cocoon, and Louisa Harding Hulda then see how I go. Oh and I've picked out some stash yarn for a pin wheel thingy..,..........

Monday, September 14, 2009


Should I feel guilty that I'm wishing our late summer away? It's sods law that as soon as Fontaine is finished we have the sun trying to do its best to re surge and pretend that it's the middle of summer - it's not on. I want autumnal winds and crisp cool afternoons so that I can stroll in knitted comfort. In part it's my own fault. If I had not been busy elsewhere in my life I'd have had enough time to knit my summer gear - so now I'm reduced to wishing it away!!

On the needles, Smoulder from Rowan 31

All pieces are now complete...........

Now I have to fathom out whether to sew the pieces together then sew in the ends or the other way round. Experience with the mystery blanket would favour sewing the pieces in first so that it's easier to match up the pattern without the hindrance of lumpy bumpy bits.

.......... and there are a million ends to sew in!!

In the meantime I have to figure out what do with the mass on vegetables that are coming from the allotment.

My kitchen after one afternoon of veg picking on the allotment

Runner beans in situ, now sliced and spliced in the freezer!!

Glorious tomatoes of 5 different varieties

I have been pickling, chutneying, saucing and jamming I think you all know what you are getting in your Christmas stockings!!!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


In all of her beauty. I'm going to wear this to death. Why? Because it took so long, it survived majors works in my home and it's gorgeous. As always I'm rubbish at taking photo's so it really has not been done justice - it looks much better on me in the flesh (so to speak). Love everything about it.

Does my a*** look big in this comes to mind!!!!
Project Name: Fontaine
Pattern source: Rowan 44
Designer: Marion Foale
Started: 4/2/09
Finished: 8/9/09
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4 ply
Needles: 2.5mm & 2mm
Comments: Loved the finished garment. Took ages for various reasons and that killed the love of the process for me. Yarn is yummy, fit is lovely and I'm going to wear this often!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Should I be grateful that I decided to do the food shopping at the weekend?
Should I be grateful that I decided to go on the bus?
Should I be grateful that said bus had major disruptions?
Should I be grateful that it was a beautiful day and waiting more than 50 minutes for a bus that runs every 10 minutes meant that I had uninterrupted knitting time?
In the words of the famous nodding dog "Oh yes"!!!!!!

Fontaine needs some buttons and she is all done