Monday, September 14, 2009


Should I feel guilty that I'm wishing our late summer away? It's sods law that as soon as Fontaine is finished we have the sun trying to do its best to re surge and pretend that it's the middle of summer - it's not on. I want autumnal winds and crisp cool afternoons so that I can stroll in knitted comfort. In part it's my own fault. If I had not been busy elsewhere in my life I'd have had enough time to knit my summer gear - so now I'm reduced to wishing it away!!

On the needles, Smoulder from Rowan 31

All pieces are now complete...........

Now I have to fathom out whether to sew the pieces together then sew in the ends or the other way round. Experience with the mystery blanket would favour sewing the pieces in first so that it's easier to match up the pattern without the hindrance of lumpy bumpy bits.

.......... and there are a million ends to sew in!!

In the meantime I have to figure out what do with the mass on vegetables that are coming from the allotment.

My kitchen after one afternoon of veg picking on the allotment

Runner beans in situ, now sliced and spliced in the freezer!!

Glorious tomatoes of 5 different varieties

I have been pickling, chutneying, saucing and jamming I think you all know what you are getting in your Christmas stockings!!!

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