Monday, April 30, 2007

Still here

I have been so busy chasing my own tail !! This is what happens when you start too many projects at one time and have a crisis about how much stash you have bulging out of places it has no business bulging from.

Knitting Progress
A finished (finally) object

Pattern: adapted from the zipped Jacket with hood

Pattern by: Debbie Bliss

Source: Cotton knits for all seasons

Yarn used: Tivoli Santos aran (100% cotton)

Started: February 14/2007 Finished: April 10 2007
Comments: The pattern had a few errors in it which were easily correctable. I did not knit the hood, but made a fold down collar in moss stitch instead. The cables on the jacket knitted right next to the moss stitch looks brilliant!!

St Brigid

St Brigid is on a little bit of a back burner. I promised my mum I would knit a cardigan for her friend and she needs it in 2 weeks!! We like to keep on our toes. The pattern is an old friend so hopefully she will have it on time - this is what happens when your mum actually wears the things knitted for her!!

It's the Ribbed Cardigan by Debbie Bliss, from her Cashmerino DK book.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

She bites

You know when you are feeling just a little bit cocky about a pattern and thing you can sail through all the pieces with out a hitch? That was me- until last night. An hour into my knitting session, I realised things were going so swimmingly because I'd left out a whole panel of cable and substituted a double moss stitch. St. Brigid just put me firmly in my place!!

The increased stitches should be the beginning of a simple plait cable. Instead I've been taking the easy way out and knitting in double moss stitch. Had I not already completed the first sleeve, I may have cheated and carried on. But alas, the work has been ripped out. I'm glad I noticed during the second repeat and not any further up.

Monday, April 16, 2007


St. Brigid
I'm loving her!! One sleeve completed. Start the next one tomorrow. I'm not quite doing my one pattern repeat per night, but she's going a treat. The yarn loves cables - they really stand out. One minor ( I consider) error on the sleeve. I'm not perfect so its staying there. If I remember correctly, Eastern rug weavers (I forget which country) deliberately work in a error to each rug/ pattern as a sign of imperfection - the only perfection being God - or something to that effect!

I've been stuck in traffic jams twice since my last post, which has been great for me and the tab top cardigan. I'm now half way up. Hopefully I'll finish thins week.

Friday, April 13, 2007

And we're out of the starting gates!!

St. Brigid

The second photo is a better likeness of the colour of yarn I'm using. I'm on my 4th repeat of the pattern and am feeling less stressed about making mistakes. I'm getting the feel of the pattern now. 2 more repeats and I start the saddle shaping. My aim is to work one pattern repeat an evening. This is definitely not a take about pattern so I'm home bound with it.

I'm about a third of the way up on the tab button top by Debbie Bliss. Will post some photos when there's more to show. It's a tricky one to show because its just endless stocking stitch!!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Knit on

I've been trying to keep my knitting projects to a minimum so that I can focus on project work for the knitting course I'm doing - hence all the baby clothes. Quick and dirty as the saying goes. And then there was Mary - now back in the shadowlands. My first project piece has stalled somewhat and I feel I'm in need of something to get my teeth into..... so I'm starting St. Brigid by Alice Starmore. I have mentioned this sweater in the past, what colour, what yarn etc. I have to say the pattern frightens me somewhat but I love it. I'm going in gently and will start with the sleeve. I'm already stuck and I haven't started yet. On reading the pattern , the instruction tells you to increase every following 3rd row. I've always had problems understanding what following means. To me every following means 3 rows after the last increase, so if its 3 rows you actually increase every 4 rows. However the pattern later on states continue increasing every 3 rows. I am going to assume it means to increase on every 3rd row, not every 4th row!!

For relief from St Brigid I'm finishing the tab button Jacket from the Debbie Bliss Wish you were here! book (just have to finish the back and all the pieces are done) and the Madli stole from Interweave knits. I'm in great company with St. Brigid. Piano knits has kindly agreed to be my buddy which is really cool. So watch this space for progress.

In the mean time, we are having a great time out doors during the holidays.

I will leave you with this beauty made by number one son during a great day at Sue's .

Monday, April 02, 2007


1st Anniversary
Like Poshyarns, I missed my 1st anniversary in blogland!! Shameful I know. The silly thing is, I was aware and determined to celebrate it on the day and it passed me by just like that. In keeping with the anniversary I am offering a prize draw. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and son number 1 will do the honours on Sunday. I am offering some hand made stitch markers and yarn.

Knitting news
I have been wrapped up in finishing Mary - duly finished - and duly ripped out again. She was too long!! Mary fights back. For the moment I have retreated. she is all undone again and I am gathering up courage to rip down to the right measurement and finish her once and for all.

I've nearly finished the baby jacket. It's waiting for a zip

And in my dark hour of despair I started this , the cover design. My second year of blogging will be about me using up my stash. I have a few cones of cotton cashmere and cathay and lots of patterns for them as well, so I have no excuse. When I've finished the baby jacket in it's entirety I want to start this. Again yarn will be from stash.