Wednesday, April 18, 2007

She bites

You know when you are feeling just a little bit cocky about a pattern and thing you can sail through all the pieces with out a hitch? That was me- until last night. An hour into my knitting session, I realised things were going so swimmingly because I'd left out a whole panel of cable and substituted a double moss stitch. St. Brigid just put me firmly in my place!!

The increased stitches should be the beginning of a simple plait cable. Instead I've been taking the easy way out and knitting in double moss stitch. Had I not already completed the first sleeve, I may have cheated and carried on. But alas, the work has been ripped out. I'm glad I noticed during the second repeat and not any further up.

1 comment:

eusebius said...

Phew, good thing you noticed that early on! Our colours really are similar though I suspect in real life yours is a bit lighter than mine/more red/less brown.