Monday, April 02, 2007


1st Anniversary
Like Poshyarns, I missed my 1st anniversary in blogland!! Shameful I know. The silly thing is, I was aware and determined to celebrate it on the day and it passed me by just like that. In keeping with the anniversary I am offering a prize draw. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and son number 1 will do the honours on Sunday. I am offering some hand made stitch markers and yarn.

Knitting news
I have been wrapped up in finishing Mary - duly finished - and duly ripped out again. She was too long!! Mary fights back. For the moment I have retreated. she is all undone again and I am gathering up courage to rip down to the right measurement and finish her once and for all.

I've nearly finished the baby jacket. It's waiting for a zip

And in my dark hour of despair I started this , the cover design. My second year of blogging will be about me using up my stash. I have a few cones of cotton cashmere and cathay and lots of patterns for them as well, so I have no excuse. When I've finished the baby jacket in it's entirety I want to start this. Again yarn will be from stash.


Anonymous said...

I am so sorry to see the ripped apart Mary. She looked so good after being washed.
Only 5 more days of lent and your yarn diet will end.
I wish I could see you camping outside the yarn shop.

alltangledup said...

gosh I wish I had your self control. Every time I say I'm going to stop buying yarn, and within 48 hours, I break. happy blog birthday!

carol said...

A wripped out Mary - oh no. That was I brave thing to do. Not sure it is something I could of done. And a happy blog anniversary too. Love your new knitting project - I have been thinking about making that one for a while too. Might just join you!

eusebius said...

Sorry to hear about Mary ... frogging is always hard. The baby jacket looks great ... love the colour!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would love to have a St Brigid "buddy" to KAL with!

Happy blogiversary!

eusebius said...

Hi again - I'll definitely be checking back to watch your St B progress! Terrific to know someone else is on the road with me.