Sunday, March 25, 2007

Mojo go go go

The problem with going with the flow when your knitting mojo is in full flow, is the crash and burn . I worked on Mary for 2 solid days to finish her - including the endless garter stitch collar (quote borrowed from Karin). I knit until 4am in the morning, was up by 8 am and threw Mary's bits and pieces into the washing machine (breaking my own no wash on a Sunday rule). and then I crashed. I don't know what my son has eaten today, I haven't fed him, nor would it have been humanly possible to get to the kitchen due to all the unwashed dishes piling up in favour of Mary. The upside - she's nearly done. A stint in the tumble dryer and then she will be ready for sewing up

Mary's body with collar worked on in the wee hours of the morning 'neath a very bright lamp and Grey's Anatomy for company.

The yarn needed to sew Mary up ready to go into the washing machine. Unfortunately the yarn escaped its confines and wrapped itself into an awful mess around the main piece of the garment. It took over half an hour to unpick the yarn which doesn't look as though it can be used to sew up. And now for the really difficult part choosing buttons.

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