Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nearly there

My brush with PC death
My ignorance about computers, PCs, hard drives and any other computer component you care to mention, was recently high lighted with the death of my computer. I still can't tell you what was wrong, other than it more or less ceased to work - and I felt that my left hand had been cut off. The very worst part was receiving my new PC and not being able to find my old PCs data that the lovey Scott had transferred for me. However I found it so we have some pictures, well, a picture for the moment.
Above, the beginnings of Madli's Shawl by Nancy Bush, from Interweave Knits, Summer 2004 issue. I'm knitting it as Polly did, without the nupps. I'm loving it. This is my warm up stole before I knit something very special for a very special occasion coming up in June this year. Today was a perfect day for taking photo's of the projects I'm currently working on. Of course, sods law meant I was out all day.
I've started working on the first of 4 pieces for my knitting course. They have to be my creation, which is hard because I am either copy cat queen (i.e I read a blog, of late, here or here love what they are doing and hey presto I see my next project) or my nose is in the latest issue of whatever magazine I'm subscribed to and I go with the flow on the most popular want to knit garment. So the idea of getting my creative juices flowing (well trying to find them would be a good start) has not filled me with glee. I've had to do warm up projects, which if anything have done just the opposite and made me want to heave. I don't understand how looking at a hunk of wood, a metal grate or whatever bit of artistic/natural or man made inspiration is supposed to make me want to go sketch my master piece. I'm not slating the process as such. I can see how and why other people are inspired, it just doesn't do a lot for me. Especially since purchasing Knitting Nature by Nora Gaughan. Look here to see the pictures really come to life (be sure to check the archives). The very obvious come to mind too like Kaffe Fassett. Me, I'll have to do things the hard way and hope I can come up with something half way decent - and all mine.

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