Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Contrary Mary
She's back!!
My conscience has been pricking me. Flicking through my much loved knitting journal I came across notes for Mary. The last note entered was last June - 7/6/06 to be precise. Time, me thinks to stop sulking about the butt whipping I got last time and put her out of her misery once and for all. So be prepared over the coming weeks for the odd frustrated outburst. Like leaving myself the wrong message!! I was definitely not on row 18 - and trying to work out what row you are on after 9 months is not easy - especially when you think you left yourself concise notes. You know there are some occasions when you can put a project down and come back to it after yonks and yonks and know roughly where you are - because you made this mental post it note in your head to refer back to - not so when you KNOW you wrote it down so you don't have to remember diddly. I'm in fighting mood - we've had some bright sunshine - essential when you are knitting in black denim and I'm rearing to go!!

I had already completed the back, as you can see. The sleeves are also done and I'm half way up both fronts. Having sorted out what row I'm on, I've now synchronised both fronts and will knit them simultaneously. I'm now winging it due to the duff instructions published and the duff amendments sent to me a couple of years ago - so this should be fun trying to factor in the shrinkage element. More to follow.....

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Poshyarns said...

Oh my, you are nearly there, I am holding my breath and crossing my fingers for you.