Friday, March 23, 2007

Spring cleaning

As well as dusting off Mary, I had a little look at the growing pile of unfinished projects. The conclusion? As my mother would say - my eyes are bigger than my belly! My impulse to knit every pattern I see becomes challenging every now and again. There are some you put down and come back to every so often until one day it's finally finished. There are others you never finish and in a moment of clarity and honesty wonder why you cast on in the first place.

My never finish pile consists of:

Sparkle from the Rowan Classics range in silk wool; and

the entrelac kimono jacket from VK holiday edition (this one more because of the frustration it caused and VK did not respond to me despite several attempts to contact them - I would rather use the yarn for something else now).

They have now been tossed in the frog pond to rise anew as .....

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