Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Dyeing to knit

Before I start my post proper - have you heard Karin's news? Go look see!! Clue, she's one of my bestest friends - that makes me an honorary aunty I think.

We've been busy and a picture is worth a thousand words!!

not one but 2 colours - we are adventurous!!

I had lots of help from the lovely Sonya which resulted in a very clean kitchen.

Knitting news - None. Still on the sleeves of my mum's cardi. One down, one to go.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Eye Candy

Shop bought

I'm prepared to admit that there is a very special occasion that occurs once a year not too far away..... There was a little thing on my shoulder whilst I was in my local yarn shop yesterday - on an errand of mercy no less - whispering in my ear. The above is what I came out with!! Some Louisa Harding Sari Ribbon and Kimono Ribbon. I can tell they are going to be presents I like the feel of neither of them and the Kimono Ribbon is a pain to work with because the point of the needle - no matter how blunt - pierces the ribbon and gets caught. No fun. However, they will make beautiful garments - what ever they turn out to be.

Home Made

Gwen For my sister
Pattern: Rowan 39
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cotton in Teal blue
Started: Mid August 2006
Finished 11 November 2006
Comments Everyone I know that has knitted this pattern has had to purchase more yarn. In my case, I was saved by eBay and the marvelous Joyce, who had some in stock - this colour has been discontinued for some time. Other than that, the pattern was a relatively quick knit - it's a cropped top. The slipped cable stitch was a new one for me and I like the out come.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


I will, I will, I will...
I will finish my mum's cardi. I need a little help from my friends. I've hit sleeve island. My mum's cardi is almost done, and I am fighting off startitis but I feel like I've been working on the same sleeve forever!!

I want to start this

using this

The pattern is from Debbie Bliss' Cahmerino DK book. Go check it out. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK in colourway 019 - I don't know if it has a designated name yet. I must check..... After what seems like a very long time, my babies finally arrived. I only took 2 out of the shop to play with. I had to leave the rest in the shop - yes, I trust myself that much that I actually took 2 home. I met Karin on the way there and showed her my bounty. She knew I'd be back the next day for the rest having used up the 2 balls the same evening - oh yee of little faith!! Sorry it's been taken using a flash so you really can't see the beauty of the colour.

So you see, I really must finish my mum's cardi...... Oh and there's this - we won't go there!!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Sun has got it's hat on...

Playing Smart
I thought I'd get in quick, it's a glorious morning the sun is shining beautifully. The camera has been whipped out and the photos that I have deleted re-taken. But sometimes its hard to recreate the moment - especially when you are crap at taking photo's in the first place. So here we go:

Above a mish mash of past and present.

The log cabin blanket now a baby sized blanket - downsized from double bed dimensions. I was not happy with the colour way and thought it better to stop rather than doing something utterly stupid in trying to 'save' it. It is warm and cuddly.

The finished socks - for the record Shea- they are MINE!!
The socks are resting on my first Mason Dixon inspired dish cloth (where ever you look on their blog you will find dish cloths!!). The first of many no doubt. Very quick and now the pattern is in my head, very easy. Thanks to Karin I made them in the famous Peaches and Creme cotton.

Above are the current socks that I'm working on. Don't know who they are for yet. I've decided I'm not bothered about whether the pattern flashes or lines or pools. I like the colour way and however they turn out - so be it.

This is Swell from Summer 06 Knitty. It looks good, but doesn't fit anyone - and I mean anyone. It's tiny. I could see it when I was knitting but thought, when it's off the circulars it will be fine - mm!! I substituted Rowan Magpie Aran for Cascade 220 and I used Tapestry, also by Rowan, as the contrast colour - used in reverse. The needle size was 3.25mm, so I will attempt this again on bigger needles and see how I get on. I have no idea what happened, and I'm determined to do it right. However, it is a good example of motif and embossed work so will do nicely for my course!!

More to come. I'm on the sleeves of the Debbie Bliss ribbed cardigan and I've got the shawl bug. I'm on the lookout for a simple but stunning shawl in lace weight not cobweb yarn - any advice would be welcome.

Should I be celebrating? This is my 50th posting!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


I have yet again managed to delete all the nice pictures I took of the finished log cabin - now baby - blanket, my new dish clothes etc, etc. So I leave you with the only remaining picture!!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

As time goes by

Ok, it's time to 'fess up. The to do list has gone out of the window. I'm trying, but my sense of impulsiveness and the urge to do what I want is too strong. So we have a sewn up and ready to clean up Gwen for my sister. Once pressed and buttoned I will post a final photo.
I've also decided the log cabin blanket is not quite working as I would like, so it will now be a baby blanket and I will rethink how to do the blanket with the remaining yarn.

Sleeve detail with pink fluff.
Below is the progress of the Debbie Bliss
Ribbed Cardigan for my mum.

So I'm not straying too badly from the list.
I'm hoping to finish this next week.

No.1 Son progress: First hat on circulars...

Above: The Stallone look
.... and double pointed needles.

Wide Ribbed-Brim Hat:
Started: June 2006
Finished: Nov 2006
Yarn used: Blue sky alpacas organic cotton in lemon grass and Jaeger Shetland Aran in dark blue
Signing off a very proud mum!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

One down, plenty to go....

Juno is finished. Bring on the next one!!

Started: 12 October 2006
Finished: 2 November 06

Yarn used: Rowan Wool Cotton shade 910 (in various dye lots!!)
Pattern Comments: I really enjoyed knitting this garment. On advice I knitted a size down due to the ribbed element of the pattern and this has worked. I've decided I prefer to knit cable patterns using words rather than charts (I'm using Trellis as a comparison. Love the pattern but not the charts). I dislike patterns that tell you to use the photograph as a guide when sewing up. Or refer you to an information page that does not actually help you sew up the garment because it is too general. I'm referring to the ribbed nature of the cardigan and the instructions for sewing together setting-in sleeves. It would be helpful to note not to stretch out the rib at all, to pin in the sleeve in a symmetrical manner, middle then edges then working inwards to the centre of the sleeve and shoulder seam etc.

On to the next one - Bobble cardigan by Debbie Bliss in Cotton Cashmere. Having completed Juno, I feel like I'm on a roll. I am however, fighting temptation to start something new. Trellis may count, since I frogged the wee thing and will start it again, it wasn't looking right and even though I am far from a perfectionist, even I could see the side twisty bits were not looking like the picture.

There would have been more pictures but I have somehow managed to delete them - progress on the bobble cardigan, the finished socks, and me wearing Juno - I will not tempt fate and try again since I have attempted to publish this post twice already!! So I leave you with the new socks - socks don't count as projects do they??!