Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Special Trip!

Well a nice day out at least - that's what I planned yesterday for myself, young man and my nephews. We were going to Trafalgar Square for some music and fun. Instead, apart from the pouring rain, I went for a 'special trip' and was rushed to St. Thomas' hospital with a suspected broken ankle. It isn't, I'm still wet, I have a spongy ball for an ankle and a few weeks of solid knitting - there's always a silver lining!!

For example - I've nearly finished the picot edged sweater by Lois Daykin. I can say hand on heart that I won't be repeating this project any time soon. It has not been enjoyable to knit at all. I hope to finish it tonight.

Back and front completed with picot edging.

First sleeve complete with picot edging. This was very awkward to do on a circular needle

detail of picot edging

I think St. Brigid may be coming out to play......

Monday, May 19, 2008


..... is it a nightmare changing broadband suppliers??

Thursday, May 15, 2008


I am!! I went to an evening meeting yesterday. The shameful part? It was the first time in almost 2 weeks that I picked up my knitting needles.

I completed the back and have started on the front of the baby sweater

The beautiful weather we've been having (and sadly no where to be seen today) has had me in the allotment. over the last month I have planted lots of potatoes, (the plot has not been used for over 15 years, it was full of bramble s with roots over a foot deep - potatoes are about all that can go in such newly dug and ravaged soil) cabbage, leek, onions, herbs and garlic. Young man has a flower patch. This is extremely useful, it will attract bees for pollination.

where the plot is not ready, or in poor condition I've used raised beds

I'm hoping once all the manure (golden nuggets to my friends) and compost has worked itself into the soil, it will be in much better condition next year and I can experiment with other crops. In the meantime, now that the sun has gone to play somewhere else, I better go and change my shameful ways. I've got the May squares to finish for the Mystery Blanket and squares for the Picnic Blanket never mind anything else that tickles my fancy in the new VK and IK ...........

Friday, May 02, 2008


I finished my April squares for the Debbie Abrahams Mystery KAL. We know the name of the KAL but I still prefer to call a mystery!!

I think this has become my new favourite square. It's likely that we have received all the square patterns now and it will be a case of repetition from here on in, but you never know!!
I also finished my first strip of seven squares:

I have since sewed in ALL of the ends - it took ages. I must remember to do them as I go along. I missed the Post man yesterday but my friend Karin received her package so I know whats coming up for May!!