Friday, May 02, 2008


I finished my April squares for the Debbie Abrahams Mystery KAL. We know the name of the KAL but I still prefer to call a mystery!!

I think this has become my new favourite square. It's likely that we have received all the square patterns now and it will be a case of repetition from here on in, but you never know!!
I also finished my first strip of seven squares:

I have since sewed in ALL of the ends - it took ages. I must remember to do them as I go along. I missed the Post man yesterday but my friend Karin received her package so I know whats coming up for May!!

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Dawn said...

I still like the pig and cow and all the cabled ones. My yarn arrived yesterday too. You'll be pleased to know that we complete another strip this month, but unfortunately it's not the strip next to the first one completed!