Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Logs, blogs and buses

So I'm in fever pitch since returning from my visit to Loop and my quick lesson in log cabin blanket making - it makes me an expert right? I raid said stash, spot some chenille thats been begging to be used, in purple and red. I have to declare now that I have no sense of colour. But thats another story. The blanket is my first one, so I see it as a learning curve rather than a work of art, and besides, I'm already planning the next one. The chenille is pure cotton and has absolutley no give in it. I start on addi circulars. They are wonderful, but have blunt points. All I've learnt about knitting the cabin blanket is that I turn to the right, but remember, I'm an expert now. So I dutifully cast off and start to pick up stitches on a row end - and find I can't quite differentiate between rows and there's no give. On my third turn, disaster strikes when I try to pick up a loop and pull right through the yarn. So I'm left with a big hole and lots of darning. My blanket is fast becoming a place mat!! The next one will be in a yarn that has a bit of give, or yarn that won't break if I look at it. One key lesson learnt is about the amount of stitches to pick up. My work clealry looks wonky, due to my not picking up the correct nymber of stiches on a particular turn. I'm going to have to research how the blankets are made and see if there is a formula that works on number of rows and number of stitches originally cast on.

A big thank you to Karin who came over yesterday to help me with my blog. i was so happy I'd worked out how to include links to other sites, and they actually showed up on my blog. However, what I had not checked was if the link actually worked. Much to my dismay, they didn't -they do now, thanks to Karin. In the coming weeks I will be fiddling about with the blog as I learn mmore about how to post.

Two years ago, I did my bit fo rthe environment and stopped using my car. This means that I am reliant upon public transport, namely London buses. There are those who will not step foot on a bus for a number of reasons, the main one being, they are not reliable and don't stick to a timetable. To my cost, I was a victim of the ghost bus today and the lame bus. Not only did no bus come for 40 minutes, when it is supposed to run every 10 minutes, but the bus that did come had the cheek to break down. I had to get to Shea's shcool to help with a craft class (did I willingly volunteer to teach crafts, namely knitting, to 10 and 11 years old? Oh yes. They are actually a great bunch. We only have an hour during the session, whcih is probably enough after school, they have done really well). Of course I was late, of course this is the last class before the Easter break, of course I hate London buses!! I feel sorry for Shea, he doesn't know whether to call me mum or Mrs G in the craft class. After 3 months we still haven't come to a conclusion.

No progress on Liam, I've been too busy getting work ready for a sewing and fashion course I started at the beginning of the year. I've missed lots of sessions and have had to work at home when I can, due to my reactions to the environment, which I seem to be largely allergic to. I have been told that I act as the alarm clock to my neighbours. Every morning when I first wake up, I have a sneezing fit, 4 of my neighbours can hear me loud and clear. On the rare occasion, that I do not sneeze in the morning, at least two neighbours knock on my door to see if I'm OK. Yuo can't beat good neighbours.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Learning by my mistakes

I had my first baptism of fire yesterday. I know it's happened to countless others but I'm still in recovery mode, so bare with me. I spent at least 2 hours on the blog yeterday, learning how to make lints, put pictures right whereI want them and even introduced my son Shea, whose team won a rugby tournament. I explained what a proud mother I am and how he is the apple of my eye. He added his own wit and voila, I had my second post. I even had some knitting content. So where did it all go? Blog heaven because it didn't end up here!!

I told you all about my Debbie Bliss fetish and included pictures of my latest WIP, from her book Junior Knits, Liam.

I'd thought I'd bare all and show Liams behind

Ohh, and I almost forgot my oh so witty peice about going to the Yarn shop Loop , on Sunday with my friend Karin and meeting Kay Gardiner of Mason Dixon fame. She was over in London to plug Ann and Kay's new book, Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitters' Guide: Stories, Patterns, Advice, Opinions, Questions, Answers, Jokes, and Pictures. She also taught us the art of log cabin knitting which I dutifully pulled out my stash to see what I could use to make my very own, on my return home. And the fairy (or cup to you in the US) cakes, I had a hard task choosing between feeding my face with the lovely cup cakes that greeted us on entering the shop and looking at all the lovely yarns!!

More about Mother's Day

After his rugby success, Shea went to visit his paternal great grand mother, Mudder. She is 98 years old, and an inspiration for us all. I am just pleased that Shea still has the opportunity to know such a lady. Mudder will celebrate her 100th birthday next year, so I hope to be able to post here, when the great occasion arrives to honour her achievements.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

New beginnings on Mother's Day

Welcome to my new blog.
After much deliberation and procrastination I have decided now is a good time to start my knitting and living blog. I have been convinced its a good way for overseas relatives to keep up to date with happenings this side of the world and I get to show case my knitting projects, including the good, the bad and the well ugly. I hope those of you who share my world will enjoy it. Thanks to Karin for her encouragement.

Happy Mother's Day
It is only fitting for me to start by paying tribute to my mum, who has a very special place in my heart (and many others). I have been the typical thankless daughter, who over the years has come to realise (nearly) everything her mother did, said and taught her has been done with love and my best interests at heart. She is my inspiration, my best friend, my best critic and above all my buffer against a (sometimes) cruel world. I started my adult life with a mantra of "I hope I don't turn out to be like my mum", now I could'nt be more honoured to have anounce of her wisdom and sense. Happy Mother's Day mum!! I would also like to wish everyone else a happy Mother's Day too.

When I figure out pictures and other other bits and peices, I will be everflowing with witty text and knitting chatter.