Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Learning by my mistakes

I had my first baptism of fire yesterday. I know it's happened to countless others but I'm still in recovery mode, so bare with me. I spent at least 2 hours on the blog yeterday, learning how to make lints, put pictures right whereI want them and even introduced my son Shea, whose team won a rugby tournament. I explained what a proud mother I am and how he is the apple of my eye. He added his own wit and voila, I had my second post. I even had some knitting content. So where did it all go? Blog heaven because it didn't end up here!!

I told you all about my Debbie Bliss fetish and included pictures of my latest WIP, from her book Junior Knits, Liam.

I'd thought I'd bare all and show Liams behind

Ohh, and I almost forgot my oh so witty peice about going to the Yarn shop Loop , on Sunday with my friend Karin and meeting Kay Gardiner of Mason Dixon fame. She was over in London to plug Ann and Kay's new book, Mason-Dixon Knitting: The Curious Knitters' Guide: Stories, Patterns, Advice, Opinions, Questions, Answers, Jokes, and Pictures. She also taught us the art of log cabin knitting which I dutifully pulled out my stash to see what I could use to make my very own, on my return home. And the fairy (or cup to you in the US) cakes, I had a hard task choosing between feeding my face with the lovely cup cakes that greeted us on entering the shop and looking at all the lovely yarns!!

More about Mother's Day

After his rugby success, Shea went to visit his paternal great grand mother, Mudder. She is 98 years old, and an inspiration for us all. I am just pleased that Shea still has the opportunity to know such a lady. Mudder will celebrate her 100th birthday next year, so I hope to be able to post here, when the great occasion arrives to honour her achievements.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations and welcome to the world of blogging.

Can't wait to see Shea in Liam.