Sunday, November 05, 2006

One down, plenty to go....

Juno is finished. Bring on the next one!!

Started: 12 October 2006
Finished: 2 November 06

Yarn used: Rowan Wool Cotton shade 910 (in various dye lots!!)
Pattern Comments: I really enjoyed knitting this garment. On advice I knitted a size down due to the ribbed element of the pattern and this has worked. I've decided I prefer to knit cable patterns using words rather than charts (I'm using Trellis as a comparison. Love the pattern but not the charts). I dislike patterns that tell you to use the photograph as a guide when sewing up. Or refer you to an information page that does not actually help you sew up the garment because it is too general. I'm referring to the ribbed nature of the cardigan and the instructions for sewing together setting-in sleeves. It would be helpful to note not to stretch out the rib at all, to pin in the sleeve in a symmetrical manner, middle then edges then working inwards to the centre of the sleeve and shoulder seam etc.

On to the next one - Bobble cardigan by Debbie Bliss in Cotton Cashmere. Having completed Juno, I feel like I'm on a roll. I am however, fighting temptation to start something new. Trellis may count, since I frogged the wee thing and will start it again, it wasn't looking right and even though I am far from a perfectionist, even I could see the side twisty bits were not looking like the picture.

There would have been more pictures but I have somehow managed to delete them - progress on the bobble cardigan, the finished socks, and me wearing Juno - I will not tempt fate and try again since I have attempted to publish this post twice already!! So I leave you with the new socks - socks don't count as projects do they??!


dawn said...

That is so nice! I've been so good not looking at patterns, just socks, scarves and old UFOs, but this is too tempting!

carol said...

Juno is gorgeous, thank you for the extra tips. I don't like the way it is modelled in Rowan, but feel sure that it is one fabulous garment when worn in the real.

Whirly Sue said...

I ADORE that Juno, do we get a modelling shot?


Poshyarns said...

Juno is really lovely, I like the colour you have used and would love to see a shot of you wearing it?

Anonymous said...

That's a beautiful cardigan. Your cabling and ribbing is so lovely and even, too; mine leans over and spoils the look. I've tried everything, but I'd give a good deal to knit as neatly as you have here!