Monday, April 09, 2007

Knit on

I've been trying to keep my knitting projects to a minimum so that I can focus on project work for the knitting course I'm doing - hence all the baby clothes. Quick and dirty as the saying goes. And then there was Mary - now back in the shadowlands. My first project piece has stalled somewhat and I feel I'm in need of something to get my teeth into..... so I'm starting St. Brigid by Alice Starmore. I have mentioned this sweater in the past, what colour, what yarn etc. I have to say the pattern frightens me somewhat but I love it. I'm going in gently and will start with the sleeve. I'm already stuck and I haven't started yet. On reading the pattern , the instruction tells you to increase every following 3rd row. I've always had problems understanding what following means. To me every following means 3 rows after the last increase, so if its 3 rows you actually increase every 4 rows. However the pattern later on states continue increasing every 3 rows. I am going to assume it means to increase on every 3rd row, not every 4th row!!

For relief from St Brigid I'm finishing the tab button Jacket from the Debbie Bliss Wish you were here! book (just have to finish the back and all the pieces are done) and the Madli stole from Interweave knits. I'm in great company with St. Brigid. Piano knits has kindly agreed to be my buddy which is really cool. So watch this space for progress.

In the mean time, we are having a great time out doors during the holidays.

I will leave you with this beauty made by number one son during a great day at Sue's .


Poshyarns said...

Yikes, I am catching up here, I just read about Mary being too long. I seriously feel your pain.

Looking forward to seeing the finished Debbie Bliss knit, I like that pattern.

eusebius said...

Awesome colour for St Brigid!! We will really match when we're done ;)

I was confused about the "every 3rd row" thing too. But I came to the same conclusion as you did ... increase on row 9, row 12, row 15 etc. Seems to look OK.

Anonymous said...

You are so organised with the chart. THe pattern will take a while to get used to I think. Cables always take some time to get used to. She will be a great knit to work on as a treat between your other must knit for course.