Monday, April 16, 2007


St. Brigid
I'm loving her!! One sleeve completed. Start the next one tomorrow. I'm not quite doing my one pattern repeat per night, but she's going a treat. The yarn loves cables - they really stand out. One minor ( I consider) error on the sleeve. I'm not perfect so its staying there. If I remember correctly, Eastern rug weavers (I forget which country) deliberately work in a error to each rug/ pattern as a sign of imperfection - the only perfection being God - or something to that effect!

I've been stuck in traffic jams twice since my last post, which has been great for me and the tab top cardigan. I'm now half way up. Hopefully I'll finish thins week.


Anonymous said...

The sleeve looks great. I love the colour. Looking forward to seeing your one button tap top cardie.

eusebius said...

I will never keep up with you. That's OK, I'll know who's done it before if/when I run into problems ;) Well done! It looks beautiful.

Sue said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE those cables!!


heidi said...

you are coming along just great. and I really love the colour.