Monday, April 30, 2007

Still here

I have been so busy chasing my own tail !! This is what happens when you start too many projects at one time and have a crisis about how much stash you have bulging out of places it has no business bulging from.

Knitting Progress
A finished (finally) object

Pattern: adapted from the zipped Jacket with hood

Pattern by: Debbie Bliss

Source: Cotton knits for all seasons

Yarn used: Tivoli Santos aran (100% cotton)

Started: February 14/2007 Finished: April 10 2007
Comments: The pattern had a few errors in it which were easily correctable. I did not knit the hood, but made a fold down collar in moss stitch instead. The cables on the jacket knitted right next to the moss stitch looks brilliant!!

St Brigid

St Brigid is on a little bit of a back burner. I promised my mum I would knit a cardigan for her friend and she needs it in 2 weeks!! We like to keep on our toes. The pattern is an old friend so hopefully she will have it on time - this is what happens when your mum actually wears the things knitted for her!!

It's the Ribbed Cardigan by Debbie Bliss, from her Cashmerino DK book.

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Anonymous said...

Oh no, another round of bobbles for you. I remember how glad I was to get the last one done. But then again it is a beautyful cardie.