Wednesday, September 09, 2009


In all of her beauty. I'm going to wear this to death. Why? Because it took so long, it survived majors works in my home and it's gorgeous. As always I'm rubbish at taking photo's so it really has not been done justice - it looks much better on me in the flesh (so to speak). Love everything about it.

Does my a*** look big in this comes to mind!!!!
Project Name: Fontaine
Pattern source: Rowan 44
Designer: Marion Foale
Started: 4/2/09
Finished: 8/9/09
Yarn: Rowan RYC Cashsoft 4 ply
Needles: 2.5mm & 2mm
Comments: Loved the finished garment. Took ages for various reasons and that killed the love of the process for me. Yarn is yummy, fit is lovely and I'm going to wear this often!!


Dawn said...

It's lovely! Well worth the time it took, and it really suits you!

Adrienne said...

very pretty!