Tuesday, October 10, 2006

While the cat's away....

So what does a mum do when her offspring has departed for a week of fun with school? She sits at home for some unadulterated knitting!! Or so you would think. So far, one sleepless night and grouchy headachy day later.....

There's been more ripping than knitting!!
Can you spot the mistake with the bobbles? I took this picture after I had already ripped out 5 rows of pains taking knitting.

So what does one do when she can't quite concentrate on knitting. It's not as though she's missing her only child of course. Anyone with a sane bone in their body offered their freedom would be out there being human and doing things meaningful like visiting art galleries, going out with friends and such like. Me? Gone sewing!!

This baby jacket has been looking woefully at me from the corner of my living room for weeks begging to be sewn up. I had trouble finding matching or contrasting buttons for the cabled and moss stitch baby jacket. The green yarn is more mossy than grassy and none of the buttons I saw looked right. In the end I chose buttons with a yellow hue. The green reflects beautifully.

As has this cabled jacket. Well she's all sewn and was christened today. I was baked alive as a result. Although the weather is autumnal, it's not nearly cold enough for this chunky cashmerino nearly 2kg of loveliness!!

The shaping was done on the sides and once the fronts are pinned together the effect is very attractive. I'm on the look out for a decorative kilt pin, so if anyone knows where I can get one in London, let me know.

Update on out with the old

This is Air from the Rowan Calmer book. It is beautiful. I love this cardigan - but not the colour. It very quickly took on a washed out look which has become very unappealing to me.

I like the cable. In days gone by, this was how my work looked when I had gone wrong on a cable pattern. I think this is why the pattern appealed to me so much - it felt right to be wrong!

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yvonne said...

Accessorize for the kilt pin!

Have you heard from Shea or is he too busy enjoying himself? See you at the weekend