Friday, October 20, 2006

Get a move on!!

Allergies permitting (Contrary to popular belief, this is normally the worst time of year for me as an allergy sufferer. Leaf mold is rife, the last of the summer pollen is in the air and all over the place due to the rain and because it's damp asthma rears it's ugly head - so you can see why I'm more miserable than usual!!) and medication permitting (you know the type - it leaves you zonked out for most of the day) I find myself in the middle of just a tad too many W.I.Ps. In the left corner we have:

the Debbie Bliss Cable and Bobble jacket in the top left corner, then underneath it Gwen from Rowan Magazine 39 and centre we have Faye from Rowan 23.
They stare at me every evening as I begin my evening routine of 'me time' consisting of hair twisting, knitting, homework (mine) and the classic - falling asleep in mid (fantastic) thought - aside from baby sitting, hair plaiting counselling and magician.
And just for the hell of it started this about a month ago :

This is Trellis from Knitty
Oh, and then startitis set in and we have:

This is Sparkle from Rowan Classic Style

This is Juno from Rowan Magazine 40 in Rowan wool cotton.
Your eyes do not deceive you. There are two different dye lots - 2 very different dye lots. There is a strong possibility that this project will be frogged and started again . The pattern calls for double stranding of the yarn, so it might be better to combine the different dye lots instead of using the same dye lots for a separate piece. Oh and Mary.

So my mission is (and I have no choice but to accept it!!) to finish in this order:
  • Juno
  • Cable and bobble
  • Gwen
  • Trellis
  • Sparkle
  • Mary
  • Faye
This order is derived from the fact that I have the yarn for the top 4 (and the bottom 2), Faye is definitely for next summer so could very well be shelved until then, Mary is still my enemy although my oldest project and a 'must do' and Sparkle is my treat for finishing this lot. I'm giving myself a month to get these finished so that I can concentrate on my course pieces - that's that plan.

Things have been hectic over the last month with visits to secondary schools and parent consultation meetings. I won't go into the mine field that is the secondary school system more commonly known as the lottery - because that is what it boils down to - luck, pure and simple. But we always have time for these:

This is what happens when you don't pay attention . You have thoughts of afternoon tea and want to make scones. You measure out precisely then realise you used plain flour not self raising and it's too late to add a raising agent (much as you hate the very idea of it). Quick thinking produces mini jam tartlets instead of lots of goo in the kitchen bin and a wonderful afternoon was had by all.


dawn said...

I was thinking the same thing last night - and have now decided to just work on 2 garments at a time, plus socks and gifts of course.It's not helped by stash enhancement either, is it?

Poshyarns said...

Blimey, startitis struck well and truely. I am envying all your projects as I am being irritatingly strict with myself. I see Mary has gone to the bottom of the list, maybe she just needs a little push to fall into the abyss..... My denim thing is finally completed but now the sewing of the damned thing has taken over from the knitting. I finally blocked but wild horses can not make me pick up the sewing needle. One day it will stop taunting me, one day...