Wednesday, October 25, 2006


OK, so you make yourself a todo list. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to stick to it does it? Not quite sure where this came from.

Yesterday had me waiting around in dusty halls for a great part of the day. All of my projects are in the too big to carry around stage, so I had to take something portable - which meant a new project. There is method to the madness. I'm cub mum at the weekend on a camping trip. I think I deserve a pair of toasty socks to keep me warm since the weather is going to be cold and wet and I'll be in the middle of a soggy forest.

I have been a good girl though. Juno is nearly finished. I'm halfway through the collar, then there's the sewing up to do and buttons to think about. The sleeves seem quite long, they may have to be shortened. Sorry about the dark pictures it's all gloom and doom weather wise.

Karin I hope you are being pampered and spoiled rotten!!


Poshyarns said...

Oh Juno is looking great, fantastic colour.

The socks are lovely too, what yarn are you using?

Anonymous said...

Did I just read this right? You are going camping? It is end of October! Are you going to wear all your knit wear?
I think you should knit fingerless mittens next!! Remember the yarn shop has pure cashmire yarn.

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, these socks are going to be so warm and cozy, I really love the colorline too. And I can't believe how beautiful Juno is, what an amazing pattern, and the color you're using for it is just perfect for the colder days that are yet to come!