Monday, October 30, 2006

So much in so little time!!

We go away for one weekend and come back to so much.... In other words, we left so much and have come back to the same!! I didn't have time to post before the fated cub weekend - which was brilliant by the way. The weather held and we had 24 cubs playing robin hood and his band of merry men. Bivouacs gallor were built along with home made bows and arrows. And the socks, well they did not get finished but then they were not needed. The scenery was breath taking. We had plenty of opportunities for great walks and forest exploration. Autumn is a fantastic time of year. Being in the middle of (what felt like) nowhere surveying nature first hand was breathtaking. I'm sure I can't put it into fancy words that could convey what I felt and saw (and maybe much of my feelings of awe and wonder are drug induced - in order to go away I had to dose up in frightening proportions) so I won't try - it's been said by far better than me!!

Eat your heart out Jamie!!
We didn't go away this half term, too many things going on and I thought number one son would benefit from a quiet week at home. Thanks to my dad and his gift of a windfall of bananas, number one son put his thinking cap on and came up with Banana Shea:

I missed out step one which was a shortbread (homemade of course) base, on top of which came the melted chocolate layer, ontop of that we had the creamy chocolate and banana mix - so 3 delicious layers. As you can see, it didn't last long. It was scrummy and just what we needed!!

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