Monday, September 04, 2006

Who told me to say that!!

I have been severely chastised - why you might ask? Well I had the gall to mumble I wanted to start something new. Big mistake. I have a mountain of UFO's(unfinished objects of the throwing in the corner kind). One springs to mind immediately - MARY. It's way past time to finish her. Also, I forgot to mention that has been lurking:

Above is Lucille by Jaeger (book JB25), in Jaeger pure Cotton,
for my mum- umm birthday pressie 2 years ago!!

In a small whisper - I still want to start something new. I'm putting it down to the change in weather. I've also signed up to do the St. Brigid knit along which started or restarted on 1 September. I haven't been cabling and this pattern is very intricate - I think I need to ease into her. Perhaps a baby garment in aran yarn and lots of cables might do the trick....


dawn said...

I know how tempting this is! Maybe pick one thing (your mum's present!) and knit on it for two evenings per week. Before you know it, it will be done. Don't you get a last minute knitting boost when you know you're nearing the finishing line? That helps me A LOT!

Anonymous said...

Mary wants to be finished, you are going to love and cherish her once she is done.
Dawn's tip is a very good one. The week has seven days. A lot can be knitted.

Dipsy D. said...

Oh, I so agree, this is so tempting! I used to do only one project at a time, but these days are long gone and I find myself wanting to start so many new things, the more the better, and I actually do it ;)
But I think you should start whatever you feel like to, whenever you feel like to - one day every project will be finished! ;) Happy Knitting!