Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gone Ribbing!!

I have just noticed that my last 3 projects are or have been rib based. The wrap cardi in blue using Debbie Bliss chunky merino is finished - my sewing up pile is growing, still not in the mood to 'finish' my projects. I find it hard to let go sometimes. I normally do not knit the same pattern twice, unless it's a baby project, and if I have particularly enjoyed the project I don't want it to end (are you still with me?). This can often result in 5 or 6 projects waiting to be sewn up. The fact that I detest sewing up is neither here nor there. Sewing up is a precise art, a bit like buying buttons for a project. As I have often heard told, if you are going to spend lots of money, time and effort in making a beautiful garment, you can spend effort and time to sew it up properly (even if you end up with eye strain and back ache) and you can definitely spend money buying decent buttons that compliment the garment rather than looking like they were the cheapest you could find. Can you tell I'm having a grumpy day?? The sun is streaming through the windows and I'm stuck indoors so I'm allowed a grumpy day. And now to knitting and ribs

The wrap cardi is done although I may undo the shoulder below that does not quite match. I used the 3 needle cast off.

This is the ribbed cardigan I Cotton Cashmere, it seems to be working out OK

Cables without a cable needle!! I feel proud of myself, but not sure this will grow on me.

This is the beginning of Sparkle - can you see I'm on a roll with the rib projects? The yarn is Silk Wool DK by Rowan. It feels lovely. I chose grey since it's this years colour - my effort to relate to the world of fashion - I am normally happy not to have a fashionable or co-ordinating bone in my body but I go through the odd phase where I feel I want to dip my toe in the pond. I love the colour grey, sorry, shade grey. I think it is lost to business suits, it's lovely as a casual colour too. After the ribs I feel a cable thing going on, St brigid, a three quarter length cable coat/jacket something for Shea maybe........

If anyone can help me with my layout poblems I'd be grateful. When I'm drafting and previewing the post it looks nothing like the above, when i try to fiddle, it makes no difference. Please tell me there is a magic button I can press.


alltangledup said...

how are you putting in your post and what would you like to change?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes if I am not to happy with a layout I go into html mode.
First I load up all the photos I want to include. Then I write the text. If the text pushes the photos to far down. I'll go into html and start writing my text there. I do find that the post looks diffrent on diffrents PC's.