Saturday, September 09, 2006

Guest blog

Today things are going to change. Well you see the thing is that Mum (the usual writer) is as sick as a dog.She is lying down completely flat with a trapped nerve in her neck. She's so sick she cant even knit!!!
Which is an utter disappointment(between you and me it isn't) but she can't see the screen so i'm lucky I can say whatever I want.Ha ha ha!!!
Feeling so sorry for her I decided to tell my grandparents to bug off (well I didn't quite say it like that) so I could look after my mum. Just for being so kind she's knitting Jesse's flames for me from stitch and bitch nation!!!!


Nickerjac said...

I know you will do a great job of looking after your mum, forget about her knitting though what about yours? :)

Yvonne said...

Good to know you are looking after her and it's about time you posted!

Do we get to see you again at Ally Pally this year?

dawn said...

Huh? Why's your mum knitting it for you when you're such an accomplished knitter? Tell her to get well soon, hope you're keeping up with the constant flow of tea and coffee!

Whirly Sue said...

Hope Mum gets well soon.
I agree with everyone else, why dont you try knitting it yourself?

Bring it with you to Ally Pally we'll all help!


blog-blethers said...

Your mother must trust you ... my gruesome twosome are not getting near my blog EVER! I would probably end up in court as a result :) Well done for supporting and looking after your mum so well though