Sunday, September 03, 2006

Knitting and holidays

You would think they go together wouldn't you? 3 weeks of nothing, reading the odd book and time to sit back, relax and knit - yeah right! First we have red alert at the airport. So even though one was not going to knit on the plane, one can't take a knitting book to flick through or yarn to rewind on the plane because one can only take essentials in a clear plastic bag - we are off to a great start. I had 2 projects in my suitcase. We arrive at our destination staying with a friend, who has taken time off to spend with his guests and the words rest and relaxation are now out of the equation. They are replaced with hiking, biking and swimming in the lake!! All joking aside we had a wonderful time the weather was kind and I did manage to fit in a little knitting - not as much as I'd have liked but some all the same.

I've been eyeing
this from Twilleys Denim Freedom book 2. Definitely a holiday project one would think, especially if there is the prospect of being able to wear the finished project. In the words of number one son - NOT!!! Danielle, a lovely lacy camisole top, and I, just didn't get on. I loved the top as soon as I saw it. I didn't read the pattern in any great detail until I was ready to start the pattern. The back is done in 2 pieces, the top half first then the bottom half in an inverted manner, stitches were picked up from the cast on edge and the diamond pattern worked from the midriff down to the bottom edge. The diamond is a 16 row repeat and not rocket science. But right from the beginning it was war not love. I was constantly ripping out the upper section of the back, a combination of stocking and garter stitch to give a ridged effect. Finally after 5 attempts the upper half was completed, then on to the diamond lace pattern of the lover half. No problems there, but I had to keep my nose in the book. I couldn't get the hang of the pattern off by heart, so total concentration was necessary. So I'm beavering away, I'd chosen the largest size to be on the safe side. When I was almost finished (about 3 rows to go), I took a breather and actually looked at the piece of work, only to realise the whole thing was huge. I know the denim yarn shrinks, but in length not width, so we have gone from this

to this

Fortunately for me, there are many other projects I can put the yarn to....
I also managed to finish my dad's birthday present - his birthday was in March!!

The yarn came from hipknits and was very fine to knit with.
I also started and finished a multi coloured pair while on holiday. They were for my very saintly, patient friend whose home was invaded and, as he put it, rearranged!! The yarn was Aktion by Lang/Jawoll
. We have no pictures because, foolishly it didn't occur to me at the time to take any!! To give you a clue, I did keep the ball band

A little blurred but you get the picture.
I was very restrained whilst away, I bought some sock yarn that I've been wanting to try for some time and some Silk Dream by Lang. Since returning I have spied one of Rowan's new yarns, that has the same 50% silk and 50% merino wool - that is where the similarity ends. The yarns are very different in consistency, texture and feel. The Lang feels very silky, whilst the Rowan feels wooly.

Cotton and wool sock yarn by Opal, I love the colours. All the yarn purchased came from a very local yarn store, just 5 minutes walk from where we stayed - how cool is that?

I have returned to the dilemma of Gwen from Rowan 39. When I can face her, I'll sort out the sleeves and finish her. I'm still working on the log cabin blanket, a row here and a row there. I have parted company with the Mason Dixon instructions as we were not getting along, so it's a suck it and see job now. I want to start something new, so I'm off to flick through my books, whilst I wait patiently (not) for my Rowan 40 which as yet has not arranged, but I am assured it is on the way....

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