Thursday, January 24, 2008

St. Brigid

I have started on the back of St. Brigid (only because I couldn't find the sleeve I'd started). Whilst she is not a Mary she is a challenge. It took me a while to get back into complex cabling. And I had a couple of false starts but know I'm falling back in love with her. And I love the colour!! I was a little disappointed when I first received the yarn because the colour was not what I was expecting. Now, after having had a break from it, the colour is rich and very me! Oh, and I got the charts the wrong way round. There are 3 major cabling charts and I got the end 2 which are mirror images the wrong way round - don't ask me how. They were the right way round in the beginning. Just as I was a bout to start, I had the brain wave that the 2 end charts were the wrong way round and I swapped them. I was on row 7 of 23 when I realised they were the wrong way round but decided that they would stay that way!!

Can you tell?

Nevis has a whole back and one and a half sleeves. I'm waiting for my second installment of the Debbie Abrahams Mystery Blanket KAL and I'm stalled on the Picnic Blanket. I'm waiting on the ecru. I'm going to knit in strips using the pick up method (I will pick up stitches along the cast off edge of the square just knitted) rather than knit all the squares and sew them together. This means I have to knit is sequential order. Hard to do when you don't have the yarn!! I've completed 5 squares so far:

1 of these

2 of these2 of these

We'll get there!!


Dawn said...

St Brigid is looking lovely, the colour is great.
I'm doing the bottom 3 squares of Picnic, all the way along, and then will start knitting the rest of each strip (6 squares) and joining as I finish them. It's quite a big blanket!

Anonymous said...

St. Brigid is looking great. I love your first squares.
Hopefully you will be able to get the ecru soon.

twigletqueen said...

My God those cables are gorgeous!