Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year's Wish List

I try not to make New Year's resolutions - when you look back and realise many of them have not come to pass, it can be quite demoralising. On the other hand if you look back and see how much you have achieved, its good. Which is why I have a wish list instead. There's no pressure, but it would be nice if I could - if you know what I mean. I'm more in favour of what's achievable than what is impossible, so my knitting wishes this year are:

1. Control of stash yarn. I'm going to adopt the 2 out 1 in rule.
2. Log & organise stash yarn. I started this last year and never finished. Must do this!!
3. No more than 4 wip's at a time. Home, travel, small & a long term thingy.
4. Teach more people to knit.
5. Finish St. Brigid

I think these are achievable.

Knitting News
I am very excited. I've joined the Debbie Abraham's Mystery Blanket KAL. I'm waiting for my first package. I'm in good company. Dawn and Karin are also involved and I hope to discover who else in due course. There is a KAL group on Ravelry. Along side this project I'm going to start one other blanket/throw to use up stash yarn. I'm going to use it as a basis and may stray from the path from time to time. The blanket will be based on picnic from Debbie Abraham's first Blankets and Throws book. This one will be for the young man. The idea being lots of yarn will be used up along the way but on a long term basis and in a fun manageable way.
I didn't mange to finish the Empire Line Cardigan over the holidays as I'd wished. I've started the sleeve. If I have no interruptions I'll finish it by the end of the week - hopefully.
I did mange to finish this:

The Hooded Jacket by Debbie Bliss


Adrienne said...

What a CUTE little hooded jacket!!!!

Dawn said...

Lovely jacket, I keep looking at it and wondering if I should knit one.
Sounds like we have similar resolutions and will be knittig two similar blankets in 2008!

sue said...

Ooh what a gorgeous jacket. The wishlist sounds achievable, just one thing at a time I always say.

Anonymous said...

Your wish list is great, hope your fourth UFO is the Mystery Blanket.
The little pink jacket looks great.
How much have you left on that cone?
Hopefully I'll see you later today.