Tuesday, January 02, 2007

A new year

Welcome to 2007!
I have not started the year with a clean slate but a manageable one in terms of knitting projects.
Like Polly I am setting myself realistic goals to achieve this year. A little brighter, a little healthier, a little humbler and more use of stash yarn!!

My Dad
Today my dad celebrates a special anniversary. He celebrates 50 years of life in England. He frequently recalls life when he first came to England. Having come from warm climates to England at the beginning of January, it's hardly surprising that the weather is one of his uppermost memories!!

My dad was the only one of 5 brothers to come to the UK. All my relatives are in the USA on my dad's side of the family - hence my dash to Tampa 2 weeks ago. At times this decision has left the family feeling isolated, but it meant that we rely on each other more to see us through tough times. As the children have grown and flown the coup, we have stayed close together geographically and emotionally.

My mum and dad at a Church gathering last summer

My dad would be the first to say his life here has been full of ups and downs. I don't imagine much has changed in 50 years for a young person trying to settle down in a new unfamiliar country. I will remain forever grateful to my dad for the opportunities he has given all of his children and the legacy he has created for his family. My son says with great pride "my gramps helped build Centre Point" each time we pass New Oxford Street in central London. He can still tell us how much cable it took to wire the building to provide electricity!! Way to go dad.

I often wonder if he had to do it all again, where he would decide to settle.

This said as I dash off to collect my nephews who are staying with us for as few days due to the loss of their maternal grandmother who passed away on Sunday evening.

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