Saturday, January 13, 2007

Eggs in one basket

The world as I know it has come to a stand still - I have lost not 1 but 2 knitting journals - my world has caved in!!I am in the middle of Faye and I need my journal, I need to start the embroidery on the hooded caftan - and I need my journal (the design had been sketched in there) - and so on for at least 3 other projects. You may ask why I had 2 - one was for personal use and one for college work, so all my ideas, sketches home work and project details are in the second journal!!

When the concept of journals first became commercialised, I scoffed and thought "what next". Then I had the opportunity to take a good look inside my hand bag because I couldn't find something - post it notes in various degrees of decay, serviettes, scraps of paper, till recipes - all crammed with knitting pattern info not to mention the scraps and balls of yarn all tangled together with polo mints, lint and sticky lollipops. But you know what, give me back my big junky hand bag with all the crap in it. I just feel sick about all the information and work I've lost. 4 years ago when I felt faint on a bus, got off, puked everywhere and left my handbag on a wall. When I went back 3 days later, although the handbag (gorgeous leather ) was missing, the contents had been neatly stored under a nearby bush - including my credit cards, driving license and my knitting.

I have been left feeling bereft , like a headless chicken etc, etc (I could go on all day about my feelings of retchedness) - as though I can't exist or knit without my journals. And then the thought hits me - there was life before journals and there still can be - in the meantime, of course I've had to start a few new projects:

This picture was taken at the beginning of the week. Jessie's Flame is almost finished now, just a sleeve to go. It's from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation. Then there's the Kimono Jacket from the last edition of Vogue picture of same for some reason will not upload.

So my dilemma - do I start a new journal or buy a bigger hand bag?

On a more positive note the wind is howling a gail outside and its looks as though we about to be flooded!!

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Poshyarns said...

Oh no, I really hope your journals turn up. I started keeping one this year, it contains all my knitting need to know and info for other craft projects/shopping too, I can imagine how you must be feeling.

Sending you some finding vibes....