Monday, January 08, 2007


I consider myself most fortunate
From Karin

From Polly

During a rare visit to Liberty (more about that and my complete stupidity in a bit), I gave reverential compliments to Polly about these and pestered her about a suitable alternative yarn. She promised to send me said Malabrigo and true to her word Mr Postie gave me a package on Saturday. Thanks Polly.

During my visit to Liberty I sat opposite a blonde lady quietly knitting away. Since I have not visited the group in a long while, I assumed she was someone I had previously met, but probably just briefly. Son number 1 was in situ as well as Miss L and her troupe. I was assisting mother and daughter with their respective knitting projects so did not have very much chat time - coupled with the fact that we turned up half an hour before chuck out time. So imagine my shame while reading Yvonne's blog when I realised who she really was!! I mean, I've only been living breathing and eating dish cloth's for the past 5 weeks and experimenting with colours for my next cabin blanket, not to mention encouraging my friend to make the linen curtains!! And the co-author of one of my favourite books was less than 10 feet from me and I didn't even talk to her - such is life..............

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