Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Now do you think St Brigid really has powers? Is she trying to tell me to pick her up because she has done away with Spring? And I truly need to finish her so she can keep me nice and toastie against this blustering weather? Tonight is definitely her night. I have a couple hours of peace tonight, which means I can start the front without interruption. I'm hoping once I actually get started I'll be wondering what I was fussing about and just get on with it.
I've cast on for this and this. I will post some progress shots during the week. In the mean time, I've been working on the Picnic Blanket:

I haven't been very organised about how I'm knitting Picnic. This month I want to try and knit at least 12 squares. I've done 4 so far, so I'm in site of it. Suffice to say I have lovely blue stained fingers!!

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Anonymous said...

The picnic squares look great. I am amazed at your capri progress.
Picnic really looks like a great knit. Cables, beads but not to much intarsia.