Sunday, March 09, 2008

Cable and lace wrap cardigan

We have a finished project:

It's the Cable and lace wrap cardigan by Lois Daykin. I'm just so pleased that I have at least 3 babies to knit for at the moment!!

Pattern details:

Pattern: Cable and lace wrap cardigan
By: Lois Daykin - Baby Knits
Yarn: Jeager Match maker DK
Needles: 3.25 & 4mm
Started: 11/2/2008
Finished: 8/3/2008

Comments: It was a great advantage to knit the body in one piece. No side seams to sew. I only had to sew the sleeves in. The pattern is well written and well constructed. The last line of the pattern differs from the version modelled in the book. The picture shows eyelets on the last row, but this is omitted in the pattern!! I didn't use the stated yarn, but I'm very pleased with the results. The whole thing needed good blocking.

Other knitting news

St. Brigid. I've lost my mojo. There, I've said it. When I realised I wouldn't finish her for the end of February, she lost her glow. I'm not hibernating her (thanks Ravelry). I will work on her in the back ground. I think she has lost her glow because, nearly all of my projects are in the stay-at-home-and-concentrate-stage. I have nothing that I can pick up and go with (socks don't count - I have to be in the mood) and there are only so many baby things I can knit with the excuse of them being 'in between' work!! Also, Spring is coming (please?) and of course all the new Spring/Summer projects are screaming at me. I think that if I'm working on something I really want to knit, it will give me the energy to finish St B and not look at her night after night willing myself to pick her up and feeling guilty when I don't.


Dawn said...

The baby cardigan is lovely. My niece is pregnant, I'm waiting for the 20week scan to see what she's having and then I'll start knitting in earnest.
Why not delegate an evening to St.B? Just one evening, when you can get in a few hours knowing that for the rest of the week you can play with other projects. I have the same feeling about my Autumn Kauni cardigan, and I'm trying to spend this week working on it.

Adrienne said...


Anonymous said...

Love the baby wrap. So many nice projects I could me knitting for my Miss T.
I like Dawns idea about knitting on a project one day a week.
Remember it is still cold and misreable enough to wear St. B.