Monday, March 24, 2008

Colour 'n dye

I'm going to try not to gush, but we had a brilliant day at Sue's over the weekend. Good food, great company (Sue P, Adrienne, young man and B) and loads of colour, not to mention the four seasons within 20 minutes. We had snow, hail, rain, sunshine and gale force winds. It all added to the day in some way though.

My and young man's efforts of the day

I think the colours are very me! The maroon/aubergine ball is lace weight yarn the rest is sock weight. Top left is young man's. He very pleased with the result and wants his socks by tomorrow please. Feeling a little guilty that I've ignored Capri and St. Brigid these past few days - but it was worth it.


eusebius said...

Beautiful colours!!! What a lovely afternoon to spend with friends.

Anonymous said...

The yarn looks even better in real life. Can't wait to see the socks ;)