Friday, March 21, 2008


I wanted something that would knit up quickly and this is doing very nicely!

I had this yarn in stash thanks to Amelia who kindly swapped with me. I got the Calmer in return for some Cotton Glace - both by Rowan. I'm hoping to finish Capri by next week. However, I'm not sure when I will get to wear her, there is no sign of Spring around here.

I've started knitting the front of St Brigid, and will post progress next week. No progress yet on Picnic, but I hope to rectify that this weekend.


Dawn said...

Capri is on my list too, it's lovely. Have you seen the latest Studio book, it's all Calmer, at least a few I will knit. Good luck with St.Brigid. I know how it feels!

sue said...

Oh that looks beautiful. At least it is easier than your other knit. I am sure you dont have too much more to knit on it though do you.

Amelia said...

I am glad to see that my calmer has found a happier home where it is well appreciated. Funnily enough I was fondling my cotton glace only this weekend up at the Knitting Retreat. It's such a lovely colour! x