Thursday, February 07, 2008

O' what a wonderful morning..

The post man came today. He gave me a little package. This is what it contained:

I was feeling quite sorry for myself because I had just one project to work on (St Brigid) and quite frankly, I was'nt enjoying it (I'm on the last repeat of the back). So, as you do, I was off in fairy land thinking about all the projects I want to knit and I had a brain wave. I'm planning my next Alice Starmore project and decided to investigate what yarn I want to use. I love the Jamieson's yarn, but thought I'd see what her own yarn is like. I ordered one skein to play with last week and Mr Postie gave it to me today. I want to compare the two yarns. The yarn that came today is Hebridian 3ply. The photo does it no justice whatsoever. The greens and blues it contains are quite stunning. However, I can't find very much diffrence between the two makes of yarn. I was disappointed with the lack of information about aftercare, tension, needle size etc on the Virtual yarns ball band. you would think that the manufacturere would wnat you to love and cherish the gatrment you make woth such lovely yarn!!

I was also miserable because Rowan 43 is out and since I did'nt renew my subscription, I waiting for it come out in the shops. I've seen Karins and I quite like it. I can use up some stash yarn - always a good thing.

In the meantime, I'm nursing the ball of ecru denim Karin kindly gave me (left over from a project she knitted -thank you Karin) until the yarn arrives at my LYS - come on Rowan, please send my yarn!!! Whilst I was there, I saw these :

Marisol Hacho yarn 100% hand dyed yarn

Somehow they managed to make their way home with me; suddenly I don't feel so bad about Rowan 43......

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Dawn said...

Don't you find this time of year too tempting? New books, new yarns, new shades. I am overwhelmed, and my Autumn cardigan is as tedious as your St Brigid I think! New stuff and all that...