Monday, February 11, 2008

St Brigid's back

I finished St Brigid's back!!
Completed back

Completed back and sleeve

Beginning of second sleeve

I've started the second sleeve. It feels managable. I'm slightly worrying about the sleeve length - it looks too short. I didn't realise how much I was carrying whilst knitting up the back. I understand why it felt so slow and arduous towards the end. I want to finish her by the end of February. I have 12 balls of yarn left so I'm quietly confident that I have enough yarn to complete her.

Oh, and I've discovered the close up button on the camera. I've been dispairing about how bad some of my photo's are, especially the ones I try to take up close - they always come out blurry. I feel liberated!! A small improvement along the way on my journey towards taking moderately decent photos of my knitting projects.

P.S I seem to have lost the spell check facility - apologies if I have missed any wrong spellings!!


Dawn said...

It's looking fabulous, I might have to dig out my AS books now! Do you just have one sleeve to go (like me) or the fronts as well? If you can knit this in February I can finish one piddly sleeve!

Anonymous said...

Well done, half of St.B's done. My spell check is not working either. Must be some blogger thing then.
How are your squares coming along?

22ok said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again - you have the most beautifully even knitting! I'm mighty jealous. My cables are all lopsided.

sue said...

Gorgeous so far, and just think you are on the last part of it now.

eusebius said...

Fantastic!! Really gorgeous "pop" to those cables. i decided to order a few more skeins of Hebridean to make mine the full length. BTW I put in a full extra repeat on my sleeves as I also thought they looked quite short.
We are in the home stretch now!