Thursday, October 11, 2007


I'm playing catch up at the moment. The last couple of weeks I've been getting back into the swing of term time proper. The weekends have been filled with scouts activities and rugby matches!!

Nearly finished Madli's shawl, nearly finished the Zipped Cardigan for young man and nearly finished Juliet. I have half of the last border to knit and graft on to the main piece of Madli's shawl. Did it sound as though I know what I'm talking about? I have to graft Kitchener style - mmmm. I'll be doing some swatting up before I attempt it. Then I have the blocking to do. I'm hoping something magical is going to happen when it's wet because I can't see how it will meet the measurements!! The Zipped Cardigan is waiting to be sewn up and all the ends sewn in as is Juliet. All of this means I have no finished objects to show at the moment. So I leave you with these:

The first border and the main body of Madli's Shawl

For the squeamish, you caught fish wearing gloves at a recent Cubadoo

Or bare handed for the brave!

I won't tell you how many kind cubs brought me their cooked sardines. It was quite funny really. They were happy to catch them and cook them over a camp fire, but would not eat them!! I hope I've given my brain cells a real boost. they could do with it about now.

Young man last weekend

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