Thursday, October 11, 2007

Final leg

Thanks to Polly's straight forward no nonsense instructions, I have blocked my first shawl! I finally finished the end border for Madli's shawl and in a fashion, grafted it onto the main piece. I say in a fashion, because I referred to 3 books for instructions on how to graft using the Kitchener method and still didn't understand how to sew up and down through the live stitches. I think what I have done works.

I will find out once the shawl is dry and unpinned. I would have taken some photo's of the completed shawl, unblocked but it didn't look terribly inspiring and today we had a very foggy dull morning. I took the opportunity to go for a walk rather than taking the bus and was pleasantly fascinated by what I found. It made sense to walk - the bus timetable would have been up the creek due to the fog and the worst thing you can do on a cold damp morning is wait for a bus for ages and ages. I saw the most amazing spider webs. They were everywhere. Every branch, bough and bush was covered in them. They were exaggerated by the dew and the fog and not a spider was in sight. I was fascinated by the variety of shapes, dimensions and sizes. There is no such thing as a bog standard spider web!!

Don't you just love autumnal colours?

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