Saturday, August 11, 2007

Busy as a bee

The only problem with having an allotment is splitting my spare time between it and knitting - the competition is fierce. To the point that I went down to the plot at 7am this morning just so I could have a decent knitting session this evening, knowing I have a clear conscience !!

Knitting progress
I've finally completed the back and both fronts. I get a satisfied feeling when I reach the sleeve part of a garment - it signifies I'm near the end!!

I'm still enjoying the bead work - although this will be the third garment with bead. I think once it's completed that will be enough with the beads for now!

My design

Fronts and back are completed. I have fantasies of lacy sleeves.....

And finally......

A little something from the Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino Book 1 for a lovely little lady.

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sue said...

Oh the beaded knit looks simply gorgeous, and I love the colors you used for the baby knit too. I love stripes on kids, and I have that book too. Perhaps a nice pink and white one would be good for one of my pregnant friends who is due to have a baby girl next year. I hope your garden is growing nicely too. We have just redone our vegie garden after leaving it for 2 years and the weeds overtaking it.