Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Heart Broken

Not only did I miss the sales at Liberty and John Lewis, I've just learned that many of the much loved Jaeger lines have been discontinued! As a pure cotton lover (obviously more by necessity) it pains me to discover there will be no more Aqua, Pure Cotton or my absolute favorite, Siena. The colours available in Siena were stunning and so alive. I'm not sure if this also means the end of the whole of the Jaeger line, as I seem to remember that the Extra Fine Merino range went on sale early this year (missed out then as well!! ) I think it is such a shame. Jaeger has always signified classic style and quality. I recently discovered that the yarn types and colours were made to complement the Jaeger clothes line in the same season - how fantastic is that?

Very fortunately for me a recent visit to Liberty yielded one pack of Aqua (in a deep red colour, its simply sumptuous) that someone else did not want. I suppose there's always Rowan Cotton Glace.....

Nature and Nurture
As the school holidays get under way we have been busy outdoors......

picking, digging and of course eating. We normally help my dad at this time of year with the harvesting of the produce at the allotment which is close to where he lives.

We've enjoyed it over the years, so much so that we have acquired our own piece of paradise close to where we live - well it will be when it's cleared.

The plot after day 1 of clearing - stupidly I forgot to take a photo before we started work.

The plot after our third visit minus anthills and too much junk to mention here!!

The plot has not been used for over 15 years - so we are at war with brambles at the moment. And yes, those are trees you see on the plot - there is a plus side though, we have an inexhaustible supply of blackberries!!

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