Wednesday, July 11, 2007


To the Shah family, especially their new edition born the wee hours of Saturday morning. Mother and daughter came home yesterday and are doing well. I know Karin will want to post so I will leave the details to her.

She is soooo cute!!
Suffice to say I'm broody... again!!

I have been an exceptionally bad host of this blog and promise next to normal business will resume soon. I've been doing a little knitting and lots of felting......

My version of Shibori knitting/felting

My second attempt to make a felted bag. First attempt ended in disaster when I tried to felt yarn that was not pure wool (obviously unknown to me!!).

Pinned to the bag is a swatch of the unfelted knitted fabric. I'm pleased with it. this is a proto type for something else I have in mind. However, I'm off to recover now. Should have known better than to go anywhere near pure wool....
We have a lack of sunlight.... have you noticed?

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eusebius said...

Congrats to the Shah family!

The bag looks v. cute :)