Tuesday, August 21, 2007


In my last post I boldly declared my joy at reaching sleeve level on 2 of the projects I'm working on, Faye and my own design - well I'm still there! Both use 4 ply cotton and I'm suddenly finding both yarns hard going, in other words my sleeves are not growing - period. What better justification to start a new project. Not any new project, but a project in the colour (or not) black. And if memory serves me right, I did declare on this blog, never again to work in black after completing 3 of 4 projects working in black. The project is gorgeous however, and the hard work slogging away in a pattern I can barely see will be worthwhile. Its Juliet from the Debbie Bliss Rialto book. The fronts and the back are worked as one piece - endless garter stitch (nearly 250 stitches worth of the stuff!). I'm still using the camera on my cell phone so I'm not even going to attempt to take a photo of a sea of pitch black - not in our glorious grey summer weather. I'm not complaining for once about the weather, the heaviness is keeping my allergies in check and affording me some greatly needed relief.......

The summer holidays are ploughing ahead. Our days have been filled taking measurements and fittings for a new school uniform. As the day fast approaches, I see the growing apprehension and excitement in number one son as he prepares himself for his new school. I see the emotions changing in him on a daily basis as he looks forward to his first day. My heart goes out to him because he has left a very small school and will be starting (in my humble opinion) a huge school. It does feel like the very first day of school all over again. As I write this, I wonder whose apprehension I am writing about - mine or his....... He does look handsome though!!

Congratulations to Nicki and Andy on the birth of their son Peter Tybalt Walker last week!!

Congratulations to Mike and Gerry on their third wedding anniversary today.

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dawn said...

Billy went from a small primary to a larger secondary, he'll be in upper sixth when he goes back (if he's passed his AS levels, he's on holiday!). So did I, from a tiny village school to the local comp - 12 large classes per year. I think he'll do fine. I was terrified listening to all of these nasty initiation tales (which weren't true!) He's such a natural with people I doubt he'll have problems.