Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hanging in there

I can totally empathise with Amelia. I'm in a bit of a knitting funk. Definitely pointless trying to take photos at the moment. Juliet is coming along but I can't show you because the project is in black and I still have not replaced the camera. I've completed all that endless mindless garter stitch. I've divided for the fronts and backs and completed one side of the front. The cell phone camera is doing the job, but alas not to my satisfaction. I feel as though I'm plodding along out of duty at the moment. I can't seem to find the enthusiasm to pick up any of the other projects too. I think I may know part of the cause:

Number one son does not want mum to knit his school jumper. I'm devastated!! This is when you know your child is on the slippery road to growing up (Am I being too much of a drama queen???)

I've been sewing in name tags to his new uniform (in the most inconspicuous of places of course) and I won't start on the craziness of uniform hunting - and it almost feels like I've regressed to his very first day at school. He's not around at the moment - I've had 2 weeks of my own space - you would think I'd be knitting away, but no - it's probably a good thing, he'd be huffing and puffing telling me it's no biggy, he's only changing schools. I feel quite stupid. For me he's at a life changing moment in his life and I want to scream and shout this to him. I want to tell him that in years to come he will be looking back to this time. I want to tell him to make the most of it , to revel in his youth and innocence, to hop skip and jump (and stay off the twiddly games) because this time will go in a blink. I want to give him tons and tons of hugs and kisses and beg him to stay small and not grow up. Instead I'll carry on sewing in name tags and get ready to rant at him on his return at the state of his bedroom.

Definitely need to work off this energy at the allotment!!

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eusebius said...

What an amazing life-changing time for you. Hugs from afar!

Hmmm... seems like it might be time to knit something lovely for yourself, if no. 1 son is balking at the jumper :) No?