Saturday, December 16, 2006


I find myself in the enviable position of flying to the sunshine for a few days.
I will leave you with:

These little buggers. I have decided that jewelry making and accessory making may not be for me. I managed to slice the palm of my hand open while creating these little darlings. Not the end of the world - I can still knit!! Lesson learned - do not work in the palm of your hand, that's what work mats are for, of which I have many!!

Knitting News
despite my injury, I am up to the armholes on Faye. I have had the back measured against me for peace of mind and am assured that it should be a good fit - (my terrible sewing up not withstanding). There are several dishcloths waiting to be tidied up and my sudden broodiness is being satisfied by a little number from Debbie Bliss isn't that the cutest??

Farewell uncle C.
The sheriff has gone to the big resting place in the sky.
Be sure to say hello from us down here.
Be at peace.

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Poshyarns said...

Sunshine?! How lovely. Have a wonderful time.