Saturday, December 09, 2006

Nearly there

Before I begin my knitting ramblings, I'd like to share a recent experience with you. I received a email proporting to be from a large reputable building society 2 days ago. The email directed me to a website where I was to go through a verification process or my account would be terminated - due to fraudulent attempts to gain access to my account. Although the graphic were superb the grammar was terrible (bit like mine!!). I contacted the building society who confirmed the email to be a scam, they advised me of what steps I should take to afford maximum protection. It has taken 2 days to make sure my PC has no embedded spy ware or trojans or what ever you call it and umpteen scans and reconfiguration processes - including messing up my server connection and a 90 minute call to tech support. This from a computer phobe - so you can imagine how peed off I am. If you are offered a little Xtra help - watch out.

Knitting News
My deadline to finish all (well nearly) my unfinished projects has come...... and gone. I am in the middle of the list. I've finished the pieces for the Debbie Bliss Ribbed Cardigan . It's waiting to be sewn and tidied up.

I finished the back of Faye and am on the left front. I'm going slow on this. I recently viewed the finished article in the medium size. The model is a good size twelve it it engulfed her. She knit to tension so I'm wondering how mine is going to turn out - I've upsized it considerably.

The Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK is still glaring at me - however I will be making a few subtle changes to the cable coat pattern. Oh - and the yarn has had babies - we now have 12 balls at home (thank you Lena!!) and my resolve has not wavered - I am winning the battle over startisits. The down side is I frequently stall on my existing projects, instead I spend the evening fawning yarn or looking at the patterns I'd rather be knitting. I'm hoping to plough through over the next week there's umpteen wash cloths and scarves waiting to be wrapped and gifted off.

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