Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Technology smezzmology!!

Hah!! I wil not be beaten. We have pictures.

This is Highlander from Rowan Classic Weekend. I used yarn from stash. See I do use it sometimes. Below is Highland being put to good use by Shea. Can you see my yaht, its the one just behind us, honest!!

And just because I can, before border and after border pictures of the Debbie Bliss Alphabet blanket completed on 11 March 06, for my sisters bestfriend, whose new arrival, a girl, came on 9/3/06. Amelia, of knitter knatter fame, knitted one for her nephew, Brychan. When I showed my sister the pictures, she fell in love with it straight away. The blanket was knitted in cotton DK and came out twice the size as a result. I think I need to go on a photography course!!

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kerrie said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! The skinny silk yarn that we custom dyed fo ryou after the first Hipknits open day has been ready for a while but my emails to you keep bouncing back. If you still want it will you email me at info@hipknits.co.uk?