Thursday, April 13, 2006


Mary Mary
Why oh why did I think I could just walk back into Mary’s life without a hitch. Mary, from the first Rowan denim book, has a leaf pattern which often appears in aran knitting along side cables. There are no cable in this pattern, and the leaf pattern is now driving me crazy, especially after a 6 month break. She is getting her own back. She’s there, flung in the corner saying ’you think you can just turn up after 6 months, with not a word of apology, no flowers, no chocolates and expect me to be good to you – think again buddy’. Apart from treating your patterns with kindness and care, I’ve also learnt NOT to knit in black at 2am. I’m a night time person, I like knitting at 2am, then getting up at 6 with Shea. However, when you are merrily knitting away, sure that you have the pattern right, but not quite able to see it, (must be right, it feels right), the common sense thing to do would be to put it away until day light. No, no, no, no, knit on. Then look at it in day light and realise you have to rip out all the armhole and front shaping. I’m close to hating Mary. I’m going wrong because I want to speed along and finish her and wear her. This is when its time to put her down and wait until I love her again. And yes, I’m dying to start something new!!

Stash update
I’m waiting for Shea to go back to school before I flash anymore. I’m going to try and organise. I think the flash your stash thing has been good for me. I’m not a collector, I am a knitter and this exercise has given me the kick up the rear I needed to sort and organise my stuff. I need to organise before I flash. In doing so I can keep an eye on what I have so far, decide on what I’m keeping and get rid of the rest. So I have to be a big girl and be honest with myself, rediscover all my hidey holes and bring everything into one area. I’m also going to have quite a few repairs done at home in the next couple of weeks and rearranging of furniture, so the yarn is going to come out of the woodwork, literally. My son will be shouting from the roof tops how much yarn his mummy has – and I can’t have that.


Anonymous said...

Keep reminding yourself that wearing Mary will be the best cardi you can have. You will love her as she ages well.

dawn said...

It's a bit of an eye opener! I've got stash in 3 places! I'm gradually sorting through it now. Little at a time! Did you manage to see mine (I had to do it in two posts, it was rather photo heavy!!) Even had begging letters!